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Why do we post our absolute lowest prices on every home? We believe if there is a fair price that we are willing to sell a home for, then why keep it a secret! Everyone gets our lowest price, every time! We do not want to waste your time. So take as much time as you need to make a decision and we will deliver  all of the information you need to make an informed decision. We respect your time and your intelligence.

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NOTE: Pricing as listed is the base price only, and includes basic delivery and set-up of your new home within 50 miles of the factory. Price does not include site preparation. extra equipment that may be needed to place the home on site, or any contractor installed options such as skirting, foundation, decks, and steps, gutters & downspouts, etc. Price may vary depending upon customer selected options. All pricing and floorplans deemed to be accurate, but due to continual factory changes and updates cannot guarantee.

Please contact us with any questions.
NOTE: Features shown are simply a sample of features from Factory. Due to progressive factory product improvements features are comstantly changing. Please contact your agent to verify current features and options. 
 All information is deemed accurate but cannot be guaranteed  Please contact us at 503-883-1878, 1-888-973-2286 or  Email Us
Double Wide Pricing
Model 9082CT
Size: 24x36 
$ 77,446
Model 9217CT
Size: 28x40
$ 85,739
Model 9282CT
Size: 28x36
$ 80,415
Model 9200CT
Size: 28x40
$ 86,284
Model 9203CT
Size: 28x44
$ 91,135
Model E920CT
Size: 24x52
$ 90,534
Note: All Pictures / Illustrations are examples of exteriors only. Factory may at their discretion discontinue building or change certain models.
Please contact a sales representative to confirm the standard exterior of the model you are interested in!
Model 9214CT
Size: 28x48
$ 97,866
Model  E304CT
Size: 20x40
$ 85,760
Model 1200CT
Size: 28x44
$ 95,435
Model E303CT
Size: 20x52  
$ 95,042
Model E903CT
Size: 24x52
$ 98,276
Model 1226CTB
Size: 28x44
$ 96,215
Model 1227CT
Size: 28x48
$ 101,446
Model 7550
Size: 28x44
$ 101,023
Model 1229CT
Size: 28x52
$ 105,515
Model 1218CT
Size: 28x52
$ 105,470
Model  1233CTS
Size: 28x54
$ 107,599
Model  1231CT
Size: 28x56  
$ 111,758
Model 1272CT
Size: 28x56
$ 112,938
Model 1222CT
Size: 28x56
$ 112,888
Model 1216CT
Size: 28x60
$ 117,201
Model 9231CT
Size: 28x56
$ 107,593
Model 7526
Size: 28x56
$ 117,873
Model 1260CT
Size: 28x60
$ 122,771
Model 1281CT
Size: 28x68
$ 127,223
Model 1203CT
Size: 28x66
$ 128,254
Model 7528
Size: 28x60
$ 125,546
Model 7513
Size: 28x58/60
$ 127,682
Model  1703CT
Size: 32x70
$ 139,362
Model  7639
Size: 32x58
$ 134,504
Contact us for price quotes over 50 mile radius!
NOTICE: Due to lumber prices escalating at an alarming rate we have received multiple Material Surcharge increases since July 2020 from our manufacturer's. With this in mind, our pricing has taken that into account, and is updated to reflect those increases as of December, 2021. Unfortunately, due to the ever changing Material Surcharge pricing, we cannot guarantee that our posted pricing is accurate. Please contact our sales agents to verify today"s pricing.
Note:  Our pricing includes basic delivery 
and set-up including factory interior finish 
of home within 50 miles of factory